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Sep 09


Before and After Visual Effects: Chris Evans as pre-serum Steve Rogers

They even made his lips paler to show that he’s anemic.  Nice touch.

Sep 09


When the time comes
baby don't run just kiss me slowly.
Sep 09
Sep 05
Sep 05









charlie is god/chuck based on this post [x]


Chuck is Charlie who is God. SO DONE YES. YES. YES.

Wait shit, I think she is.

Didn’t Joshua say that God asked Dean to stop bothering him, and didn’t Charlie tell Sam and Dean not to bother her. She brought up Chuck and the Winchester Gospels for the first time in a while during the promo. Also, Chuck is a nickname for Charlie/Charles.

can this please be the truth? please? it’s so fucking great and i cannot believe it hadn’t occurred to me until this post. it just makes so much sense.


if this is true, that means God is now a nerdy lesbian. 

Fuck yes. 

I’m accepting this as cannon and the only way I’ll let it go is if you pry it from my cold dead hands.

God must really like chics, cause in both people God is interested in them

Sep 05
Sep 05







for all those people who think cas is a naturally submissive waif of a being

dat boy tho

Sep 05




I never realized how hurt Cas looks when Dean says that. Fuck. 

#it’s that little pause before he laughs

and look at that breath he takes and how he sighs can we just

I know that feeling I’ve made that face, the pain of knowing that the only person you trust, the person who you have let in without any barriers is not truly yours.

By experience I can tell that Cas already knows about Future!Dean sleeping around but they don’t talk about it and if Cas can just forget about it everything will be okay, but it’s not okay, when past!Dean informs Cas about the sex habits of future!Dean Cas pauses because he remembers “Oh yeah Deans not mine, he hasn’t been in a long time” what hes been trying to forget.

I can just imagine the first time Cas finds hickeys on Future!Dean’s hips that are not from him, his pained expression and the realization of unfaithfulness, the bob of his adams apple. I Imagine Cas pushing down his feelings because at this point Future!Dean isn’t visiting him as often and though he would have liked to keep believing that Future!Dean was just busy with keeping everyone safe the hickeys don’t lie that Future!Dean had shared something that he thought was so special at first with someone else, but Instead of getting angry he just dismisses all the pain because he still needs Future!Dean so badly and if Cas can just ignore Future!Dean’s other lovers when Future!Dean is keeping Cas’s bed warm (Future!Deans not there often enough to call it their bed anymore) and keep himself high when Future!Dean is keeping someone else’s bed warm then he’ll be okay he’ll be dead inside but he’ll be okay.

Sep 04

the kind you s a   v  e
the kind you s a   v  e
Aug 30

Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do
I’ll still feel you here ‘til the moment I’m gone.